Innanzitutto e perlopiù perché la redazione  si è  dimenticata di mandare alla giuria del Pulitzer gli articoli ricavati dai cables forniti da WikiLeaks. Bill Keller avrà avuto paura di dover comprare una cravatta a Julian Assange per la cerimonia.

[…] it may have surprised some to read through the list of Pulitzer prizes Monday and see no mention–among the winners or even the finalists–of WikiLeaks’ revelations. But WikiLeaks wasn’t dissed by the Pulitzer judges. In fact, the New York Times, which dominated WikiLeaks coverage in the U.S., never submitted its reporting on WikiLeaks for the prize. Despite its intense, often-impressive coverage of WikiLeaks’ Afghan War Diaries, Iraq War Logs, and many of the thousands of the leaked State Department cables the secret-spilling organization has so far released, a source close to the Pulitzer submissions process tells me that the paper didn’t offer up any of that reporting to the Pulitzer panel.