Otto persone detenute  a Guantánamo – sottoposte a duri interrogatori (aka torture) – hanno fornito prove per "incastrare" altre 255 persone. E poi ci si stupisce del fallimento del tentativo di chiudere la prigione affidando i detenuti al giudizio dei tribunali ordinari. Tom Lasseter e Carol Rosemberg fanno il punto per i quotidiani del gruppo McClatchy a partire dai documenti resi disponibili da WikiLeaks.

U.S. military intelligence assessing the threat of nearly 800 men held at Guantánamo in many cases used information from a small group of captives whose accounts now appear to be questionable, according to a McClatchy analysis of a trove of secret documents from the facility. The allegations and observations of just eight detainees were used to help build cases against some 255 men at Guantánamo — roughly a third of all who passed through the prison. Yet the testimony of some of the eight was later questioned by Guantánamo analysts themselves, and the others were subjected to interrogation tactics that defense attorneys say amounted to torture and compromised the veracity of their information.

Intanto il New York Times spiega come è riuscito a ottenere i documenti di WikiLeaks nonostante questa volta fosse stato escluso dal pool di testate scelte per pubblicare le rivelazioni.

McClatchy Newspaper, New York Times