Un commentore-blogger  conservative, Jim Hoft, se l’è presa con Barack Obama perché durante il terremoto stava andando in bicicletta con la famiglia. Immagino cosa avrebbe potuto scrivere se a Obama fosse caduta la catena. Questa è la morale che ne trae Stephen Stromberg:

Hoft’s jab, anyway, magnifies two of the worst problems with political debate in America. First is pundits’ tendency to make literally everything into a partisan matter. If people are reading about it, they need to read about how the other guy is somehow implicated. Second is that, so often, the president’s critics — on left and right — commentate as though Obama has some sort of magic button available for use at his sole discretion that can fix the economy, lower gas prices, instantly vaporize Moammar Gaddafi, rig congressional votes and, perhaps, prevent earthquakes — if only the president weren’t too busy doing other things to use it!

Gateway Pundit, Washington Post