Chris Cillizza nota come – grazie alla possibilità di caricare e condividere video e contenuti multimediale in Rete – ora è molto più facile avere a disposizione materiale per sbugiardare i candidati, come si è accorto Mitt Romney che è stato oggetto di questo velenoso video caricata su YouTube dallo staff elettorale di Barack Obama.

Think about what a sea change that video represents. Ten years ago (or even maybe five years ago), the ability for anyone to quickly and easily upload video and share it was nonexistent. Finding quotes — or images — from candidates in obscure places or at anything other than sanctioned campaign events was virtually impossible. Given those limitations, it was far easier for candidates to put their primary rhetoric behind them when they became the nominee. To call them on their past contradictions involved a) finding some tape (audio or video) of their remarks, b) convincing a news operation to run it, and c) hope that average voters saw the report. All of those barriers have now fallen.

The Fix (Washington Post)